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Our Products

Our green solution offers natural products, environment-safe products extracted from low-rank coal which is a natural organic matter. They also enhance the root-shoot growth and promote microbial activity while reducing the need for expensive chemical fertilizers. Applying these products will increase organic matter in the soil, improve water-retention capacity, prevents soil erosion, reduce nutrient leaching, repel toxins and minimize weed growth
  • Oxy-Humate Solution

    Highly concentrated (18%) humic acids derived from low-rank coal, certified with ISO method, with significantly low levels of ash and heavy metals, high carbon and oxygen content.

  • Nitro-Humate Solution

    A nutrient-rich permanent humus liquid made from coal-lignite employing a chemical process that contains more than 15% humic acid (>85 % in a matter) and from 5.0 to 6.0 % nitrogen.

  • Fulvic Acids

    High quality (>70%) of liquid fulvic acids extracted from low-rank coal. An organic product with 100% water-soluble that offers many benefits to soil and crops. It can also increase oxygen uptake capacity and nutrient uptake.

  • Oxy-Char

    A new brand of organic fertilizers extracted from biochar. A 100% water-soluble product contains both humic and fulvic acids that can be used to enhance the uptake of endogenous and exogenous nutrients, allowing it to optimize your current fertilizer program. Similar to fulvic acids, it can protect against heavy metal toxicity. Significantly increases marketable yield of fruits during field trials.

Why Our Products?

  • Carbon Oxytech’s products are natural, environment-safe products extracted natural organic matter.
  • Economical: a few litres of Oxy-humate solution improve the quality and yield of farm crops while reducing the need for expensive chemical fertilizers.
  • Improves soil health: increasing organic matter in the soil, preventing soil erosion, reducing nutrient leaching and minimizing weed growth.
  • Customized: we offer products that are scientifically formulated to the needs of specific crops.