• Convert waste hydrocarbons to valuable products

    We are a team of professionals who is motivated and energetic for commercializing technologies for non-combustion utilization pathways for low value hydrocarbon feedstock and improve financial returns
  • Effective solutions to make our planet greener

Our Services

Our proprietary technology is designed to effectively convert biomass and agricultural wastes into organic fertilizers such as humic and fulvic acids analogs.
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Providing new technology to produce sulfur and nitrogen-free fuel that provides a technically sound, cost-effective and environment-friendly impact for power and steam generation.
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Lithium, vanadium, and nickel are easily extracted from brine, asphaltenes, coal, and petroleum coke using our innovative technology.
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Low temperature technology is developed by our team to convert residual feedstock into carbon nanotubes, graphene, and carbon nanosphere.
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High mechanical quality of carbon nano/microfiber is produced from asphaltenes and petroleum coke using our innovative technology.
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Our technology produces a wide range of low fractions products by solubilizing the carbon-based materials, petroleum coke and asphaltenes, in aqueous solution.
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About Carbon OxyTech

Carbon OxyTech is a Canadian-based company specializing in providing green environment-friendly technologies to convert carbon-based materials into high-value products. Our innovative solutions coupled with technical support provide high-quality organic products to clients worldwide in the fields of agriculture, pharmaceutical, construction, animal feed and water treatment. Our founders have extensive expertise in oil and mining industries, engineering, environmental sciences, agriculture, and information technology complemented by alliances with scientists and agronomists worldwide.

Our Mission

To Make Our Planet Greener

Our Vision

Efficiently commercializing a non-combustion technology to extract economical value from low-value feedstocks through lower temperature and utilization of atmospheric pressure.

Our Team

Our team has experience in engineering design, building, and installing equipment for organic production and other industries. Our collective experience enables us to offer customized solutions to client challenges while at the same time building their capacity through the transfer of knowledge and comprehensive training programs.

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