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Our patented process captures a more comprehensive spectrum of beneficial substances, ensuring a superior quality and quantity of humic substances.

Advantages of Humic substances as Organic Co-fertilizers

Our products minimize the need for manure which is often associated with the transmission of human pathogens, and reduces the need for chemical fertilizers that may be harmful to human health and the environment. They enhance the root-shoot growth and promote microbial activity while reducing the need for expensive chemicals. Applying these products will increase organic matter in the soil, improve water-retention capacity, prevents soil erosion, reduce nutrient leaching, repel toxins and minimize weed growth.


Essential nutrients and vitamins for crops


Greener, healthier, lawn and gardens

Soil Remediation

Recover contaminated or barren plots


Higher Yield than Competitors

Significant improvements in grain yield with just a few liters of product


Fully Organic

Green solutions offering an environment-safe extraction from natural organic coal

10 Years

Technology Development

A well-established, refined, high-tech process years in the making

Our Mission


We provide technologies for producing green products, such as humic acids, microfibers, carbon nanomaterials, clean fuel, and recovering valuable metals from waste. Since Canada is one of the largest producers of residual feedstock and coal deposits, large amounts of these residual feedstocks, low rank-coal and petroleum coke, are being generated annually.


Our priority is improving financial returns for our opperators with novel technology that provides non-combustion utilization pathways for residual feedstocks, low-rank coal, biochar, and other carbon-based materials.


As a Canadian-based company we are pioneering cutting-edge technologies for transforming locally sourced coal into high-value products catered to a global clientele spanning agriculture, pharmaceuticals, construction, animal feed, and water treatment.

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