About Us

Carbon OxyTech Inc. is commercializing a new green technology that provides non-combustion utilization pathways for residual feedstocks, low-rank coal, biochar, and other carbon-based materials and improves financial returns for the operator. We provide innovative technologies for converting and producing multiple green products pathways, each addressing a unique marketing opportunity to the end-users, such as humic acids, microfibers, carbon nanomaterials, clean fuel, and recovering valuable metals. Since Canada is one of the largest producers of residual feedstock and coal deposits, large amounts of these residual feedstocks, low rank-coal and petroleum coke, are being generated annually.

Our goal is building a globally known company that solves the environmental problems of hydrocarbon wastes. While generating healthy returns and significant ROI (Return-On-Investment).

About Carbon OxyTech

Our Team

Our team has experience in engineering design, building, and installing equipment for organic production and other industries. Our collective experience enables us to offer customized solutions to client challenges while at the same time building their capacity through the transfer of knowledge and comprehensive training programs.

our mission

Our Mission

To Make Our Planet Greener.

our vision

Our Vision

Efficiently commercializing a non-combustion technology to extract economical value from low-value feedstocks through lower temperature and utilization of atmospheric pressure.