The Best Humic Acid for Your Application

Capturing a more comprehensive spectrum of beneficial nutrients, ensuring a superior quality and quantity of humic substances

Highly homogenized organic

Excellent for drip irrigation

Won't clog spray nozzles

Enhances micronutrient uptake

Great for hydroponics and soil medium


Meticulously crafted from the rich reserves of Canadian coal and rigorously tested. Our humic acids epitomize purity and quality, featuring minimal ash and heavy metal levels, and high carbon and oxygen content.

High Concentration of Humic Substances

ISO 19822 Certified

SoilFuel Plus




Discover the Difference

SoilFuel Plus is an agricultural game-changer with low ash and heavy metal levels, along with rich carbon and oxygen content. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the outstanding results from field trials, consistently boosting crop yield.

Scientifically Formulated Performance

Independant Results Collected by Olds College


+28% Yield

300% Higher Than Competitors Using Half the Amount of Product


+22% Yield

55% Higher Than Competitors Using Half the Amount of Product


+12% Yield

58% Higher Than Competitors Using Equal the Amount of Product

Certified Quality

All our products are natural, environment-safe products extracted natural organic matter.

Approved for use by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Highly Compatible with Other Nutrients











Amino Acids

Ulmic Acid

Orthosilicic Acid

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Technical Information

Usage Guidelines

General Information

SoilFuel Plus solution is versatile and can be applied to agricultural and horticultural plants through soil and foliar application. It is compatible with a wide range of farm fertilizers, making it suitable for various crops such as vegetables, cucurbits, field and row crops, deciduous fruit and nut trees, citrus, olives, potatoes, grapes, avocados, berries, etc. The solution can be applied directly to soils or injected through irrigation systems.

Foliar Applications

For foliar applications, SoilFuel Plus solution should be diluted based on specific crop requirements. Dilute 1 gallon (4 liters) of SoilFuel Plus solution in 25 gallons (100 liters) of water before application. Ensure thorough agitation and mixing with water.

Timing of Soil Application

Apply SoilFuel Plus Solution to the soil in the fall or early spring. Multiple applications, up to five per growing season, can provide optimal results.

Water Requirements

Maintain a water pH of no less than 6.5 to prevent fallout. Water with high levels of calcium, especially hard water, is not ideal.

Application Rates

Agronomic Crops

Apply 0.5-2.0 gallons (concentrate) per acre (5-20 liters per hectare) or use 12-50 gallons of diluted concentrate per acre (120-500 liters per hectare).


Apply 1.0-3.5 gallons (concentrate) per acre or use 25-100 gallons of diluted concentrate per acre.


Apply 1500 ml per 100 kg seed dressing based on thousand grain weight (T.G.W.).


Use 50-200 ml per 1000 liters of nutrient solution during the cultivation cycle.